Making my own Idea Book & Organizing Magazines

I am been systematically going through supplies and am determined to set up the studio of my dreams (within my budget anyway).   This weekend I went through the collections to magazines.  I had these organized in magazine holders which I moved around my scrapbooking space several times over the years.  I have not looked at these since I got them and realized how dumb it was to keep moving and storing them.  I thought I would share my results with you.  I had a really fun time doing this and going down "memory lane".  Wow have our methods, supplies and techniques changed over the years.  I have been scrapbooking since 1995 and never realized how much things have changed.  I had Memory Makers and Creating Keepsakes magazines saved since 1999.  I do remember I stopped getting the CK mags, since I almost exclusively used Creative Memories back then and CK was not my style.  Their pages tended to be very busy with lots of patterned paper and they really specialized in fancy lettering:

Making Memories had cleaner pages and were more my style:
All of the early magazine had many articles about the safety of the supplies used:  ACID FREE being a big buzz word at the time.  
Take a look at the advertisement I came across in one of the old mags.  The Zyron was my first big ticket purchase and I still have my original machine.  I cannot believe the cost of this, almost as much as a Cricut machine!!!  WOW!!!

I have managed to save 10 feet of storage space.  Look at the stack of magazines in the photo and then compare (stack on right) of how much material I saved and thought I would actually refer to.  This photo only shows one magazine holder, I have about 10 of them.  I tore out pages that I thought I might copy the idea, use the title or layouts or just like the general look of the page or color scheme and would use as inspiration.

I really recommend doing this organization project yourself.  It's an easy project to do in front of the television or even on a long car ride or waiting around for your kids at practice.  It was fun to look at old ideas and see how much we have changed and also get some fresh ideas that we will still use today.  The space I saved was huge and well worth the time I took to do this.  I plan to file the articles and pages I saved so I can find them again, and maybe hang a few for inspiration every month in my studio.  My plan going forward is to do this once a year or so from now on.  I don't buy as many magazines as I used to now, so I think that will work out well for me.  I'll post photos of my idea book when I get it finished.  Happy Kroppin'


Hope C. said...

Great idea! I started doing the same thing. It hurt to rip the first mag but it got easier. My next step is to scan them and save them on my PC. Then I can toss the paper. It will also be easier to find what I need and reorganize when I need to.

Hope C. said...
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Kroppin Karen said...

Hope, scanning them and organizing digitally would be a great idea! I may reconsider and to it that way.

The Journey said...

Karen- I don't buy as many magazines as I used to either- Either I have books that show the ideas or they are not my style- I tear out and put in binders. Now I saw and Idea that you use folders and the tie things that you use for cords

Sharon said...

Now that makes even more sense than putting all my magazines in to 3-ring binders! Hmmmmm, must go buy more page protectors and get to work. Thanks for sharing your progress. I've been trying to document my craft room transformation on my blog too (aptly called Diary of a Craft Room Transformation!), but lately it's been more about all the messes I've made doing my paper crafts!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

wonderful idea! I most certainly need to do this too! Times sure have change with trends and Ineed to clean up my craft space too! Thanks for the push!

Rockester said...

Wonderful progress! And I agree I have seen this industry grow and change and boy there are very few of those older inspirations layouts that I would want to do now! But I am so thankful for those older MM and PK and CK magazines--they got me started at the time and kept me learning! I do still subscribe to Scrapbooks etc and get lots of ideas online at the magazine sites.

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