Close To My Heart - Spanning the Space features tips and tricks for stamping across multiple surfaces

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CTMH Swipe Hype stamping techniqie

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Easy Altered Scrap 'n Easel vs. the Easel-Ette

I really wanted the relatively new smaller Scrap 'n Easel-ette and have been looking on eBay for several months hoping for a good deal but they were always $40.  I just received an email this week from Contain ya Crafts, the manufacturer, that they were having an anniversary sale.  I almost brought one until I had a better idea (for my purposes anyway).  Here is a video I filmed in real time showing how I altered my old Scrap 'n Easel and made myself an easel-ette!

Here is Part 2, with a few more notes about this process. 

Please leave me comments, on here and/or on YouTube and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

New Layout - CTMH "It's Your Day" stamp set

Wanted to share a Close to my Heart layout I just finished using the new It's Your Day stamp special for this month and the new instruction book MAKE IT FROM YOUR HEART.  

I really think this is a very versatile stamp that I will get a lot of use out of.  I've decided to have an online gathering (commonly known as a "Catalog Party").  If you don't already have a CTMH consultant, I would love you to place your order for my gathering.  My niece is trying to get her business going and she is really doing great so far.  My gathering ends on Thursday, September 27th, so please check it out before that date.

Click HERE to browse the catalog and place your order online.  It will be shipped directly to you.  Just be sure that it says my name as the gathering when you are ready to check out.  Of course, you can order anything you would like, but here is the fabulous deal I am ordering:

September Specials

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If you need help or have any questions on your order email me and I'll help you.  Happy scrappin' and stampin'!


THE BIG REVEAL - Come on in!

I have finally put all the finishing touches on the bathroom and am so excited to share it all with you.  Please take a moment to leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.  I would be happy to help out by answering any questions you might have.

Don't dream your LIFE, LIVE your dreams

I found this candle at Joann's.  The colors match and the saying for this bathroom is right on the money.  I placed this one and another matching one on the window sill to fill the space and add some color.

Here is the glass tile in all it's glory.  I'm thinking I might like this in my kitchen next!

I decided on cut crystal accents for some sparkle.

The walls are all painted a bright semi-gloss white.  The lighting in here made it really hard to photograph.

I used aqua as an accent color.  I purchased two shower curtains that were a double layer of aqua and brown and I made a window curtain from one of them.  I used a bracelet I purchased at Michael's as a tie back to cover the twist tie I used as a way to gather the top layer.
I found this set of three pictures at Joann's.  They are the perfect color and have a mirrored background.

So, I placed some small round mirrors to "mirror" the effect of the artwork and bring some sparkle to the window wall which you see as soon as you walk in the door.

The shower curtain closed.  I need to replace the matching hooks I bought, they keep falling off.

Shower curtain opened to show tub and shower.

This brings us around to the last wall.  I like to keep my robe on a hanger instead of just on a hook, I think it looks so much more inviting.
We replaced this door entirely, which lead me to want to replace all the doors in the house.  
Stay tuned for that one!

Here are some BEFORE photos.  Whaddya think?  Please leave click on comment and let me know.

Now on to organizing the inside of the cabinets, drawers and closets.

Click here to follow the entire bathroom renovation experience:  The Whole Story

BATHROOM RENO - Nearing the finish line

After many years of thinking about doing this bathroom renovation and many years of saving the money to do it, we are finally nearing the finish line.  The workers have done their jobs and done them very well and I am extremely happy with the results.  The quality of workmanship from everyone involved from my husband and myself, to the plumber and carpenter are more than I hoped for.

Speaking of plumbers, we decided to go ahead and replace the original toilet from 1956 that was in the half bath with the one I decided against for the main bath.  It was really a good deal and nice fixture and we are happy we didn't return it to the store.

Old, original toilet in half bath.
Doesn't this look much better?

Here is the vanity all installed.  Our carpenter, Scott, gave a good deal of thought as to how to run the duct work for the heating and air conditioning.  He did NOT want to cut into the front of this beautiful cabinet and have that be a focal point when you look at it.  Also, there was the issue that when standing in front of the sink, the air or heat would be blowing directly on our feet and legs.

Well, as usual Scott came up with the perfect solution:  He cut apart a standard size register and reduced the size so it would fit on the side of the vanity.  Did I say PERFECT!!!!

Also, remember we had to install the upper cabinet upside down in order for the doors to open next to the wall?  Look at the beautiful job Scott did framing it out and matching the high gloss finish.  Also, the top of the lighting bridge was hollow and he cut and placed a thin piece of wood on the top so I could have a place for a plant or other decor and also for ease of cleaning ... not so much dust to clean out of a hollow space.

We are thrilled with the improvements to the electrical work.  We now have a fully functional and working exhaust fan that also doubles as the main light source and triples as a night light as well.  

The lights above the mirror are perfect and the biggest improvement is that we now have a light in the shower!!!!  It was also so dark when the shower curtain was closed.  Hubby and I both love to take a long bath and read in the tub, now we can see!

This is a great shot of the tile work in the shower.  Also, check out the grab bar/towel bar.  I think it looks really classy, you can't even tell it's a grab bar at all and it matches the other fixtures in the room.  

Remember the glass tile I choose to trim the shower (see above) and as the back splash at the sink area?  This really was a "splurge" item in terms of cost of materials and labor.  

Wait for my next post to see the finish results.  I really think it was worth it.

Progress! Day 10

We have some progress now, the mess from the exhaust fan is all cleaned up.  I decided I didn't like the Aqua ceiling paint, so hubby repainted it (3 coats!!!) with white.  Without too much grumbling, I might add!

The vanity and mirror cabinet are installed and lights are working.  So happy with this decision.


The upper cabinet should actually have been installed the opposite way.  However, since it is right next to a wall, the doors wouldn't open all the way.  If we install it so that the doors will open, the matching valance won't match.  Ugghhh.  What to do??? Well, my fabulous carpenter installed it like this (really upside down), turned the valance/light upside down as well and will build molding and frame it all in for me.  I think it will work out just fine.  If I didn't have Scott doing this part of the job, we wouldn't have any idea how to solve this problem.

Another fabulous idea Scott had and I know I will love, is he placed outlets inside the cabinet for us.

Bathroom Reno - Day 9

We did a big clean up of all the junk, old toilets and boxes.  The dumpster is almost full now.

It really is getting to the finish line now.  Big changes today.

I finally got to see my new cabinetry get uncrated.  Been waiting for months and hoping I made the right decision.  I did, we love how it turned out and can't wait to see it installed.

Hubby and I were strolling through Menard's, our favorite home store.  We decided we should purchase a new exhaust fan instead of re-using our old one which was the original plan.  Here is the result.

As it turned out, the old fan was never vented to the outside, so basically it was just blowing air around out attic.  They had to get into the attic and drill into the outside of the house to vent it.  Another delay and big mess, but we are happy to find out now and have it done right.

Most exciting for us is that at the end of the day today, we finally have a working shower.  Hubby won't have to leave the house anymore at 6 am to get to the gym for his shower and to get ready for work.

Bathroom Reno - Day 8 - Grouting

Tile waiting to be fed some grout.
Look at the gorgeous marble threshold!  Love it!

The job progressed today with the grouting of all the tile.  I'm very happy with our tile choices, it came out really nice with just a few items that the tile installer will need to tweak to get it perfect.

Love It!!!  In my best Oprah voice.

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