Rub-a-Dub Tub

The last major decision on the bathroom reno project was made.  Picking out a bathtub.  As with the toilet, this proved to be a bigger decision than we anticipated.  Should we go with cast iron, acrylic, whirlpool, deep soak, etc. etc.  The only thing that was easy was I wanted white!  I did lots of research and that only confused me.  There were many differing opinions; many people love the acrylic and there were certainly more choices in that material.  Others say cast iron was the only way to go.  We had ruled out a whirlpool tub, due to expense and upkeep--just didn't think we would use it enough.  One thing we found out is that the majority of the home improvement stores did not have tubs you could really sit in, except our favorite store Menards, the Sax 5th Avenue of Home Improvement Stores.
Here's hubby trying out the tubs at Menards.
I was just about to order a tub at my local Lowe's store for the convenience of having the contractor pick it up there.  They had a tub that was 18" deep on display.  I tried it out and couldn't get in it very easily.  I am very vertically challenged and thinking of a time when age will be creeping up, I knew I could buy a deeper tub without risking getting hurt.  So, here is the final decision, a 14" deep tub with a soaker drain.

American WhiteTub Model #2390.202.020     

I also found a deep soak drain which puts the overflow hole at the top and gives you a few more inches of soaking room.  Glad that's all settled.  Reno to start this coming week, stay tuned!


Boelter said...

I am glad you've found what you want to your tub.

trik teknologi said...

thank dude nice articel :)

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