What comes first, the floor, counter or walls????  Cabinets, toilet or tub???  OH MY!   Long post, bear with me.  Here was the process we went through:

CABINETRY:  This was the no-brainer.  We both fell in love with this ultra-modern cabinetry and although the price was quite a bit more than stock cabinetry, we knew this was the right choice for us.
Magick Woods Royal Plus Vanity and Upper Cabinet

COLOR SCHEME:  Choosing the color scheme was the easy part since the countertop that goes with this cabinet only came in black or brown. My first thought was to do a black and white bathroom, but after receiving the sample of the Mocha Gold countertop, we knew this was the first choice and would go on from there.  The counter material is cultured marble with an intigrated white sink.  I am the ultimate Glitter Girl, so when I saw the glittery gold fleck in it I was sold and ordered the top right away.  
Once we decided to go with a brown countertop for the vanity, we left behind the black and white color scheme we had decided on and went in a different direction.  

TILE:  Didn't think choosing a tile for the bathroom would be so hard.  We found it to be a much larger task than we thought.  First, there were several tiles we liked, but were out of our price range.  Secondly, this is a permanent decision, once the tile is installed, we won't be changing it again in my lifetime.  The next decision that was firm was the wall tile for the shower area.  It was very unusual and I think it will look fabulous with the high gloss white cabinets and the price was just within our reach.  It has a pearly shine and really glows when the light hits it:

Cubica Tile - Genesse Tile
Walter then picked out a high gloss brown marble tile for the floor and I agreed . . . good, done!  NOT.  When we showed it to the tile man, he said it was too big and heavy and would double the cost of the project.  Back to the tile stores I went; several times.  I found a similar tile, not shiny, but with enough color variation that I knew it would work.  I wanted something with a touch of black if possible and it had to have some white to go with all the other white in the bathroom.  

When the color choice was going to be black and white, I had my heart set on some black glass tile to use as an accent/trim and was able to find it in a brown coloration.  Happy Dance!
Mexican Sand Glass Tile - The Tile Shop

Here are our final choices:

Now to decide on the all important fixtures. . . stayed tuned.


Kroppin Karen said...

By the way, I am also posting this on the Bathroom Reno page at the top. Click on that if you want to see the before photos and the entire process on one page.

maryland retirement community said...

By posting this, you have guided a lot of readers.

Tile Cutter said...

Thanks for all the tips. This info will be really helpful in my search.

Jake Alexander said...

Thank you for sharing your bathroom remodeling experience. It can be a very daunting yet rewarding experience. My wife and I are in the process of remodeling our downstairs bathroom. We are currently looking at bathtubs, tiles and bathroom vanities.

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