So, I caved and bought more scrapbook stuff on HSN

The other day I was flipping through the channels and found HSN had scrapbook day.  Oh no!  I should have kept on flippin', but instead I watched and so I'll be seeing the UPS man again in a week of so.  Here is what I found I could no longer live without!

Xyron Creatopia All-in-One Creative Machine:  Actually a good price, ONLY $59.95

As I mentioned in an earlier post First Xyron Machine, my Xyron machine is about 15 years old and has served me well.  Here is a video of what this machine can do, seems like it will be more versatile and besides, it's purple, how cute is that!
Next up:  The We R Memory Keeps Lucky 8 Punches, like I need another punch in my collection, but tell me this isn't really cool!

So, look for a tutorial video when I receive these new additions to my scrapbook studio.  Now, where to store them; that's another subject in and of itself . . .

Keep Kroppin'!!!


Kroppin Karen said...


Kat said...

Hi karen, I'm from the scrapbookingrooms mailing list. I saw your post and thought I'd drop by and say hello. Your blog looks great! Have fun with your new goodies! I have the ancient xyron machines in all the different sizes, the creatopia looks like it does more than mine but I'm afraid to ask because I might find that I "need" one if I do LOL

I hope you'll visit me at my blog at

LeeAnn from NC said...

Xyron machines are awesome. I own a couple and really like them. I watched hsn too and really was intrigued by the new super 8 punches. I'm sure I'll have to buy some at some point, esp. the round doiley ones. They are all so pretty ! Hope you enjoy your purchases !

flo's-a-scrapin said...

thanks for these posts I live in New Zealand and can't get this stuff as they wont post it out to NZ. I love the punches you will have so much fun with them and I think the xyron is amazing. Just wish HSN would post internationally

Kroppin Karen said...

Hi Kat, I checked out your blog too. Love the 52 cards, very clever. I followed you and hope you will do the same for me.

Estelle said...

Hi Karen. I'm on the Scrappers Challenge loop - just wanted to stop by and say hello. I too got sucked into the HSN Scrapbook show. I bought 5 of the Lucky 8 punches! Now where to put them?

Karen Prusiewicz said...

Hi Estelle, I bought a few of those punches and I really like them but they are big. I'm not buying anymore. If I think of a clever way to store them, I'll let you know. Please post here if you think of something.

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