ScrapRack: Clean Out my ScrapRack -- Finally!

I've had my ScrapRack by Totally Tiffany for probably 15 years or so.  When I first set it up, I only could afford the rack itself and the spinders (the name for the 3 ring binder with velcro) and a few pages.  I had tons of Creative Memories sticker holders that fit in their binders.  They are very thick and sturdy and double-sided.  I sold stickers at that time and these worked out well for years.  The 4 Section System never failed me, I could always find what I needed. 

Over the years, though, I have expanded my ScrapRack to hold more than just Mrs. Grossman and Creative Memories stickers and have purchased the ScrapRack pages.  I am doing the Get Organized Challenge again and I really didn't need to set up my system again, but I did need to clear it out.  I have purged tons of duplicate supplies, especially stickers that I had 10 of the same one from when I used to sell them.  I am going to a crop this weekend and will hopefully pass many of these on.  One added benefit I discovered, is that the Totally Tiffany ScrapRack pages are much thinner than the Creative Memories ones so I have been able to save a ton of space, at least 1/2 inch per spinder which will really add up in the end. 

I didn't take a photo of my ScrapRack until I had already started this process but there are the photos with about 6 spinders taken off the rack from the center:

This is one spinder (or section) with the Creative Memories holders:
 This section had a ton of the thicker organizing pages:

Check out the difference after weeding out what I no longer wanted and switching to the ScrapRack pages:

I will post a completed re-vamped ScrapRack when I finish.  I hope to eliminate one of the expansion pieces and have a shorter ScrapRack, but we'll see.  If all goes well, I hope to be finished in about another week.  Now, what should I do with all those empty Creative Memories pages?  Maybe I'll post on ebay and see if I can re-coup some money that I invested in Totally Tiffany's ScrapRack pages.


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